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Dawn of Time Strip #57 (November 21, 2008)
November 21, 2008
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Take that, William Stout! I am painting a mural!

So I have a fresh time-sink of late over at the Children's Activity Museum here in town, where I am donating my time to paint dinosaurs all over one of the rooms. They came into my shop (as they often do) to ask for donations for the new project, we sell toys and games so we're pretty good for a kid-focused charity like that, but when they said this room was going to be dinosaur themed I jumped--"who's painting your walls?!"

The downside of course is that means less time spent on the comic, and at a new-story juncture too, I'm a little worried for my so-far pristine update record. So if I do happen to miss an update (not that I plan to), please, just think of the children!

More pictures of the work-in-progress on my DA site, if you like!